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In contemporary society, with the continuing development of human society, managing diversity is fast becoming the corporation in work place. This essay will discuss that the dismissing ‘underachievers’ promotes a culture of fear, not improved performance. This discussion focuses on the performance of under-achievements in the diversity work place. Bolman and Deal (1984) believe that people are the most important resource in an organization and managing diversity includes every employee. Also, in an era of increasing globalization cultural diversity is brought into the growing number of organization. For example, by the end of the 1990s, African Americans made up 12 percent of the labor force, 10 percent of Hispanics and 4 percent from Asia, Pacific Islands and America. More than 25 percent of the workforce be comprised of the Third World people (Hudson Institute, 2000).

As organizations are face with increasing competition, it is obviously that the company’s human resources should be treated as the source of competitive advantage. Lawler (1996) considered that “approaches to effective management in origination repeatedly change and develop and new management issues and approaches to organizational success appear with increasing frequency. One of the human resource management issues which is being to receive more attention is that of managing diversity.” As an effectively manage diversity, managers should be aware of the values, motivations communication styles, attitudes and needs of the employees (Foxman and Polsky, 1989).

On the one hand, in the diversity work place, organizations become internationalization and globalization; employees may know several different culture in their work environment. There are several major forces for change within organizations, highlight the area of managing diversity as an important issue for consideration, which Lawler believes that the challenges of diversity in work place can improve employee’s performance.

Firstly, Lawler (1996) indicated that “internationalization of the firm and the development of global markets”. According to the development of global markets, most contemporary managers recognize that culture differences can have a profound impact on job attitudes and work motivation. Organizations may now have bases in various countries, each with their own national culture. The employees and workers may have every different work practices and experiences about organization. It becomes more difficult and complicated because of the different culture. Therefore, this challenge may cause management complicated and tricky.

The second challenge is “promoting the effective working of disparate work groups” (Lawler, 1996). Related to the internationalization of companies and the globalization of markets, it becomes common that work environment made up of people with very different cultural and work background. There are many barriers to effective communication and cooperation which may result from this and which stand in the way of effective organizational operation unless they are managed effectively. Handy (1991) pointed out that organizations still struggle to notice the full potential of the people they employ. Therefore, organizations and employers have to concentrate on the development of employee’s skills, knowledge and experiences that the organizations can value and maximize the benefits of them. Furthermore, employees will not afraid of the internationalization in their companies and achieve their goals completely.

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