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Research on the Localization of Human Resource Management of Multinational Corporations and Its Influence Factors

Since the rapid development of multinational corporations that operate in different countries and regions with different cultures, their subsidiary companies have to adopt appropriate management styles 留学生cc国际投注网站_cc国际app下载地址_cc国际线上投注会员站网and strategies so as to maintain effective operation in the local business environment. Human resource management as an core element of the organizational management has also faced a series of problems, while the localization of human resource management of the multinational corporations has been an issue of great significance. Accordingly, this paper aims to research on the HRM localization of those multinational corporations, involving its major influence factors and what strategies can facilitate it effectively. Primarily, the paper reviews literature about the important issues related to the research, which mainly include the concept of human resource management, the strategic types of human resource management, motivation theories and diversity management. Afterwards, the paper indicates and discusses the major influence factors and problems existed in the HRM localization process, which mainly involves environmental differences, cultural differences and cultural conflicts, increasing costs on human resources, and the influences of the host countries. Based on these discussions and analyses, strategies for promoting the HRM localization of multinational corporations are developed: recruiting local employees; establishing effective performance management system; improving staff motivation; and developing diversity management.

Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction 4
1.1 Background and Context 4
1.2 Aim and Objectives of the Research 4
2.0 Literature Review 5
2.1 Definition of Human Resource Management 5
2.1.1 Concept of HRM 5
2.1.2 Role of HRM 5
2.2 Strategic Types of HRM 6
2.2.1Ethnocentrism 6
2.2.2 Polycentrism 7
2.2.3 Regiocentrism 7
2.2.4 Geocentrism 7
2.3 Motivation Theories 8
2.3.1 Mslow's Hierarchy of Needs 8
2.3.2 Alderfer's ERG Theory 8
2.3.3 Herzberg's Two-Factor Theory 9
2.4 Diversity Management 9
2.4.1 Workforce Diversity 9
2.4.2 Opportunities and Benefits of Diversity Management 10
3.0 Influence Factors and Problems of HRM Localization of MNCs 11
3.1 Environmental Differences 11
3.2 Cultural Differences and Cultural Conflict 11
3.3 Increasing Costs on Overseas Assignment 12
3.4 Influences of Host Countries 12
4.0 Recommended Strategies for Human Resource Management Localization 12
4.1 Recruiting Local Employees 12
4.2 Enhancing Performance Management System 13
4.3 Improving Staff Motivation 13
4.4 Developing Diversity Management 14

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