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留学生人力资源管理专业定制-hrmcc国际投注网站_cc国际app下载地址_cc国际线上投注会员站精修:[Text I have placed in bold indicates a problem]

[Try removing this first paragraph] The development of economic globalization is increasingly rapid while the human society is turning into the new knowledge age. It is inevitably for China’s economy to be faced with the challenge of economic globalization with its joining the WTO. One of the important features of knowledge economy is that the focus of market competition will be changed [from competition for physical strength and capital] to competition for intellectual resources, namely talents, from that for physical resources such as capital and product. Global competition for talents[talent] will increase the position of human resources to a certainty so that business administration of human resources is confronted with unheard of challenge[challenges], [unclear how the remainder of the sentence is relevant]as talents are a carrier of advanced science and technology and advanced culture, representing advanced productivity. The rapid development of network technology has changed traditional human resources in management style inside an organization, bringing [a] new vital force to modern business administration ofhuman resources.
Along with[because of?] information industry[‘s] unceasing development, Information[information] technology and human resources have become the core resources for modern business management. The application of information technology to business is obviously increasing interpersonal information exchange quality and speed so that there have been great changes in both channel[???] and innovation in a business and its employees’ obtaining knowledge. A majority of employees tend to select an ordered, transparent, and shared business culture and work environment all the more in order to obtain more information and resources in favor of business development and their own growth; and thus human resources have become the most active and decisive factor in an enterprise system.[remove period] (Guohong, 2009). Therefore, how to enhance management of human resources by use of information technology to increase enthusiasm, initiative, and creation of employees in order to increase an enterprise’s working efficiency and core competitiveness has become the key to modern business being thriving and prosperous.
With increasingly deepened[???] information technology, to implement Electronic-Human Resource (eHR) has become an important selection for a good many enterprises to increase their competitiveness and working efficiency. And how to effectively develop and apply eHR is becoming a hot point of enterprises academically and in practice.
The thesis is divided into four chapters. Chapter I and II provided[provide] a detailed introduction to

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